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Mohankheda Tirth
Mohankheda Tirth is a holy jain tirth, situated 47 Kms from Dhar on Indore-Ahemadabad Highway. This Tirth was established by Poojya Gurudev Shri Rajendra Surishwarji Maharaj Sahab around 1940. This Tirth have 16 feet high Bhagwan Adishvar in padmansana posture and Samadhi Mandir of Shri Rajendra Surishwarji, Shri Yatindra Surishwarji & Shri Vidhyachandra Surishwarji Maharaj Sahab. A fair is held here every year on the fiteenth day of the bright half of the month of Kartak, and the month of Chaitra and also on the seventh day of the bright half of the month of Posh.

It is in a lonely place at a distance of 2 kilometers from Rajgadh. The nearest railway station of Meghnagar is at a distance of 64 kilometers, Indore is at a distance of 112 kilometers, the big town of Dhar at a distance of 47 kilometers and Rajgadh at a distance of 2 kilometers. Bus service and private vehicles are available. Near the temple, there are two large dharmashalas and a bhojanashala.

In the year 1940, of the Vikram era, when Acharya Rajendrasuriji Maharaj was wandering about through this place, seeing the natural and peaceful atmosphere, he predicted that this land would rise in holiness and there would be a great tirth. Accordingly a holy tirth came into existence here.

In Vikram Samwat 1940 on Mrag Shirsh Shukla 7th all Jin bimbs including rishab bhagwan were established after anjan shalaka by pujya gurudev Rajendrasuri ji. Pujya Gurudev declared after puja that this temple will be called a great pilgrim place. It should be named "Mohankheda" hence after.
In samwat 1963 on Posh Sudi 6th in the midnight in Rajgarh most respected Guru Shri Rajendra Surishwarji passed in a trance. Thousands of his disciples bid him good bye and paid their last homage to him on the ground of Jinalaya on Paush Sudi 7th. The disciples constructed a memorial temple and a fair started taking place on Paush Sudi 7th.

MohanKheda Tirth is 108 years old and full of peaceful atmosphere. The old temple was renovated in samwat 2024, the idols were re-established by the chief disciple of most honorable Shrimadvijay Yatindra suri ji and Shrimad Vijay Vidya Chandra Surishwarji. The new gracious temple has idols of Adinath shankheshwar Parshwanathji,Chintamani Prashwanath, Rayan Pagliyaji, Shashwata Chomukhji and many more. In front of Jinalaya there is a temple of Gurudev built in his pious memory. There is another temple in front of this one in the memory of Shrimad Vijaya Dhanchandra Suri ji including statues of Shrimad Bupendra surishwarji and Mohan Vijayji. On the main gate a temple is built in memory of chief disciples of Shrimadvijay Yatindrasurishwarji and near Dharmashala there is a memory temple of motivator builder of renovated temple, Shrimada Vijaya Vidyachandra Surishwarji. Both the gurus had sought salvation on this holy land.

Today Mohankheda has developed in as a grand place of pilgrim. There are three big resthouse having 250 rooms for the comfort and convenience of the visitors. The visitors get free breakfast, lunch and dinner under the care of Shri Adinath Rajendra Jain Shwetamber Cheritable Trust. Adinath Jain Gurukul is being run in connection of training of Jain culture and religion. There is also one academic school from class first to eighth and 150 students are studying in it.

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